Business. Amazon claims to have paid 600 million euros in taxes in France last year

The US online distribution company Amazon announced on Wednesday that it will pay more than 600 million euros in mandatory taxes in France by 2020, with a turnover of 7.3 billion euros.

This is the third year that the multinational company has reported its taxation: in 2018, it paid 250 million euros, and then in 2019 420 million euros. Like other US multinationals such as Google, Apple and Facebook (“Kafa”), Amazon continues to be accused of reducing its revenue in France in order to reduce its taxes.

310 million direct debits

Of the 600 million euros, about 310 million are direct deductions (corporate tax, employer contributions or local taxes), and the rest are similar to taxes such as VAT or social contributions.

“It is important to accept the overall view because it focuses only on a single tax, such as corporate tax, which, according to the OECD study, represents about 4% of tax revenue in France,” providing only a truncated view of tax contributions. Of companies, ”Amazon said in a statement.

+ 28%

At an Amazon Academy event dedicated to e-commerce entrepreneurs in Paris on Wednesday, the multinational also reported its turnover in France in 2020, which was 28% higher than in 2019 at 5. 5.7 billion.

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