Algeria “sorry” in response to Macron’s call: Debone will not go to Paris

Algeria "sorry" in response to Macron's call: Debone will not go to Paris

Was Macron He expressed his “regret for differences and misunderstandings” with Algeria on Tuesday, and stressed that he had “great respect for the Algerian nation and its history” in the tense context associated with the French president’s recent statements.

Said the Elysee Palace Hidden He was invited to attend a conference on Libya on Friday to help prepare for the December 24 presidential election and restore stability.

Except Lammara At the end of the first seminar of the heads of the Algerian embassies and consulates, he said the Algerian president would not attend the conference.

The Algerian official added: “Algeria will participate in a symposium hosted by the French capital. LibyaBut without the President.

He explained: “Despite the commitment to push the Libyan issue towards the desired Libyan solution, the conditions are not sufficient for the President to personally participate. Algeria will be present and will continue to play its role with the Libyan delegation.”

“Relations with France are complicated by history and geography and the existence of a large community there,” Lamamra said.

But he added: “Algeria A completely independent country unaffected by foreign countries, no matter what their weight. Today we are in a crisis created by Macron’s statements. The statement issued by Elysee, contradicts the cause of the crisis and contains reasonable comments that respect Algeria’s past and present history, and described that our role in the region is essential, and based on this report, it was decided to attend the Algerian Conference. Scheduled for Friday.

Relations between Paris and Algeria have been severely affected in recent weeks, with Macron questioning whether the Algerian government existed before French colonial rule, as the Algerian “political-military system” has rewritten colonial history on its basis. “Hate.” France“.

This prompted Algeria to close its airspace and recall its ambassador to the French army fighting in neighboring Mali.

On Saturday, Daphne said it was not going to take the first step in easing tensions, and in the German newspaper “Der Spiegel” Macron said he had “opened up an old conflict in a completely absurd way”.

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