NFL Pools: All to meet your needs

NFL Pools: All to meet your needs

Normally, the NFL is already in its 10th week of operations. For most pools, they still have five weeks to establish their presence in the playoffs or rise in the rankings.

Here are some interesting options for targeting discounts at the end of the regular season:

-Matt Ryan, Quarterback (44% Available on Yahoo! Leagues)

The experienced Atlanta Falcons showed off their second-best game of the season with a 27-25 win over the New Orleans Saints. Ryan will face teams that offer multiple points this week, including the Dallas Cowboys.

-Tray Lance, Quarterback (Available in 82% Yahoo! Leagues)

This option is for those who have room on their bench. The newcomer has not yet started with the San Francisco 49ers, but it should come as no surprise that the situation will change in no time. In fact, the Niners didn’t win much, so why not give the ball to the player of their choice in the third overall selection in the final draft?

-Devonda Freeman, running again (79% available on Yahoo! leagues)

According to the Baltimore Ravens, Latavius ​​Murray was due to return last week, but eventually he did not recover enough from the ankle injury. This gave Freeman a start. Considering the Maryland club are playing this Thursday, it should come as no surprise that the substitute has been invited to play a lot again.

-Dy Johnson, running again (79% available on Yahoo! leagues)

Despite his limited use, Johnson will always find a way to earn points for those who decide to decorate him. If ever Mike White returns to the game for the New York Jets vs. Buffalo Pills clash, the running back should be his target for short passes.

-Michael Caleb, Wide Receiver (52% available on Yahoo! leagues)

Gallup, who was injured in the first week of action, is expected to return to the Cowboys lineup on Sunday. Dangerous in the deeper areas, he is a strong option for a pool maker with an apparent lack of production in the group he receives.

-Brendon IUC, Wide Receiver (Available on 39% of Yahoo! leagues)

The 49ers white receiver caught six of the eight shots sent in his direction up to 89 yards and touchdown last week. The previous week, he had been targeted seven times. A player targeted in this way is worthy of consideration.

-Von Jefferson Jr., broad receiver (57% available on Yahoo! leagues)

Like IUC, Jefferson Jr. is interesting because his quarterback constantly throws the ball to him. When the Los Angeles Rams try to jump against 49 players next Monday, he should have a good night’s work.

-Pat Freiermuth, tight end (59% available on Yahoo! leagues)

The Pittsburgh Steelers representative has been included in our recommendations for the second week in a row as it emerges as one of the best tight ends in NFL pools. In his last three tours, Freermouth has amassed at least 43 yards per game and recorded three majors.

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