MLB: Marcus Semian wins – TVA Sports

MLB: Marcus Semian wins - TVA Sports

Although the Toronto Blue Jays were eliminated before the start of the playoffs, the work of Marcus Semian, who won the Golden Glove for second paceman in the U.S. League on Sunday, was recognized.

Former Oakland Athletics had one of the best seasons of his career, setting a new personal best with 45 home runs. He participated in 91 doubles plays and won the first award for his defensive play. In a few more weeks he will be a free agent.

Starting with the Houston Astros, the finalists of the World Series, the three teams have decorated two of their representatives in the American language. In fact, both Yuli Curiel (first goal) and Carlos Correa (short goal) received their first Golden Glove.

Sean Murphy (receiver) and Matt Chapman (third paceman) of the Kansas City Royals team, Michael A. Defensive efforts by the athlete were also highlighted with Taylor (center fielder) and Andrew Benindendi (left fielder). Major league baseball managers and coaches were invited to vote.

At National, the recent World Series champions Atlanta Braves have two recipients. They are Max Fried (pitcher) and Adam Dowell (right fielder).

However, the St. Louis Cardinals were honored with five winners: Paul Goldsmith (first paceman), Tommy Edman (second paceman), Nolan Arenado (third paceman), Tyler O’Neill (left field) and Harrison Bader (center) field.

Golden gloves

  • American League: Yuli Curiel, Astros
  • League Nation: Paul Goldsmith, Cardinals
  • American League: Marcus Semion, Blue Jays
  • League National: Tommy Edman, Cardinals
  • American League: Matt Chapman, Athlete
  • League Nation: Nolan Arenado, Cardinals
  • American League: Carlos Correa, Astros
  • National League: Brandon Crawford, Giants
  • American League: Andrew Benindendi, Royals
  • League Nation: Tyler O’Neill, Cardinals
  • American League: Michael A. Taylor, Royals
  • National League: Harrison Bader, Cardinals
  • American League: Joey Gallo, Yankees
  • League Nation: Adam Dowell, Braves
  • American League: Sean Murphy, Athletic
  • League Nationality: Jacob Stallings, Pirates
  • American League: Dallas Giuseppe, White Sox
  • League Nationality: Max Fried, Braves

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