Hyperion: Another great story of SF to be turned into a movie and aired on Syfy

Bradley Cooper

We almost missed the information. Hyperion, Then the other great history of SF Hill And rotation Foundation, Can be well adapted into film and spread across the channel SyFy. Timeline site (generally well known) Thinks he really knows Initially the adaptation plan for a series turned to movies.

Bradley Cooper

American actor Bradley Cooper (Too bad the trip, a star was born) ainsi que Weston Middleton This project will be overseen by the brand new production company. Will write the screenplay Tom Specially, Previously served on the Best Watchmen Series (HBO).

Known in France as the Hyperion Cycle Hyperion Condos. The 4-volume cycle is the brainchild of novelist Dan Simmons, one of the masters of the American SF. Les Cantos d’Hypérion combines Hyperion (Hyperion, 1989), La Chute d’Hypérion (The Fall of Hyperion, 1990), Endymion (Endymion, 1995) and L’Éveil d’Endymion (The Rise of Endymion, 1997). Brings.

The 4 volumes of Hyperion tell the story of 7 travelers appointed by the supremacy to meet the nearly legendary metal colossus Grits. Pilgrims were given the task of convincing the most powerful Kritz to prevent the tombs of the period from being fully opened, the latter being preferred by the Extros (rebellious men). The leader of the hegemony, Maina Cladstone, believes that the Extras could use the tombs to occupy the Hyperion planet. The match against time begins …

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