Google will send photos and videos from the new feature..News

Google will send photos and videos from the new feature..News

Internet Desk: Google is about to introduce another new feature for Android users. This allows users to send photos and videos via Google Photos from the Google Essemmes processor. Information that this feature can only be used in the absence of RCS (Rich Communications Services). This feature, which is currently in the testing phase, will soon be available to users.

Other users may test this feature with a beta version of Google Messages 10.4. If you send photos from the Google Messages app, others will see the Google Photos link. Click on a photo or video to view it. You can also send high quality videos through the messaging app. IOS users only need to open the link in the message to view the photo or video in the browser.

Sending files via cloud sharing is nothing new. Previously sent photos and videos via Samsung Link Sharing. Users can download and view them for a limited time. However, the video quality on the iPhone is very different from the video quality on Android phones. Techies suspect that sending a file to iOS devices via a messaging app on an Android phone will result in a change in video quality, as well as that users will not be able to enjoy them. It remains to be seen what Google will do to resolve this issue.

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