For Frances Hogan, Europe has the opportunity to “create new rules.”

La lanceuse d’alerte continue de faire trembler le réseau social. Elle sera entendue par l’Assemblée nationale le 10 novembre.

During a media and political tour this week, the whistleblower was heard in the European Parliament on November 8.

A law that has the potential to become “World Criteria”. This is how Francis Hawgen sees the European Union (EU) Digital Services Act (DSA) being debated in parliament. Whistleblower behind Facebook files Exchanged with MEPs on one occasion Asks on November 8th. During the meeting, he commented on this future law, which aims to better protect consumers and their fundamental rights, especially online. A former Facebook employee – now renamed Meta – is considering the law “Can set global standards for transparency, control and enforcement”, These are the rules “Solid”.

During the exchange, members of parliament focused on how to make sites more accountable, but also on regulating illegal and harmful content and the California group’s moderate tools.

Recommendations for the European Regulatory Plan

Francis Hogan urged elected officials “Ask for statistics by country or language in the DSA” Removed the number or content of staff responsible for managing or monitoring elections. The Facebook files It also revealed that the company does not have qualified staff to ensure control of its content in conflicting countries, but that this affects the efficiency of automated moderate systems.

Whistleblower hopes the company can do that “More” To make its procedures more secure against misinformation and malicious content downgrading. In this context, he noted the limitations of how many times content can be shared or the mutual evaluation of users, rather than the use of artificial intelligence. The mechanisms of the social network are actually subject to many changes, creating undesirable consequences, similar to the change made in the Newsfeed system in 2018, resulting in improving splitting publications.

Finally, the investigation provided an opportunity for Francis Hagen to reaffirm his accusation that Instagram puts profits before the safety of the meta user and harms the mental health of children. The US company continues to argue that billions of dollars are being invested to combat misinformation and hate online. For its part, Slovenia, which heads the EU until the end of this year, wants to adopt a common position – the DSA and the Digital Markets Act on Digital Markets – at a meeting on November 25. The European Parliament, for its part, is relying on a compromise early in 2022.

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