Facebook Control |  Mexican Chancellor warns against censorship

Facebook Control | Mexican Chancellor warns against censorship

(Mexico City) Mexican President Andres Manuel Lபpez Obrador on Monday said he opposes social media regulation, accusing Facebook of prioritizing profit over the safety of the billions of people who use its services.

“We have to be careful that there are no restrictions. We trust the citizen and we have self-control,” the left-wing leader declared during his daily press conference, especially in the case of Facebook.

Mr. According to Lopez Obrador, the regulation of this network and other “censorship” will be distorted. For this reason, he recalled that he had always opposed former US President Donald Trump (2017-2021) suspending accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The head of state, who has 8.2 million Twitter followers and 7.7 million Facebook friends, argued that “I am for the fact that there should be no censorship, so that no one should see his freedom of expression being restricted, even if the excesses are accepted.” .

“An economic entity, no matter how powerful it is […] A president of a country cannot be silenced, it cannot be, it is an attack, an attack on freedom, ”the Mexican president reiterated.

Mr. Lopez Obrador acknowledged that these issues should be discussed, and that the “right” to freely express oneself should be “protected.”

“We should try to make people aware of this. It is possible to argue, it can be debated without aggression, it does not need to be regulated because who regulates? In the case of networks, when there is censorship, injustices are perpetrated,” he added.

There has been turmoil after a series of revelations that Facebook has not spent enough resources to control misinformation and is putting its profits ahead of its users.

In the United States, there has been a call for more government regulation.

The European Parliament is currently reviewing the Digital Services Act (DSA). The latter wants to prevent the use of algorithms to promote misinformation and dangerous speech, the most important of which is the duty of means to moderate content.

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