Astronomer Maya Haseem reveals developments and solutions for these galaxies in the New Year

مايا هزيم تكشف توقعات الأبراج ليوم السبت


2022: Improvements and solutions await these towers:

Many of you know that Jupiter will be in Pisces with Neptune, i.e. the planets that rule Pisces during the New Year, which has not happened since the spring of 1856. Exceptional benefits for all living beings and all.

Jupiter occupies an important astrological house and, in the fullest sense, heals in wealth, work and immigration. Aries and then confirms.For years, improvements will come at once..Don’t worry, Aries, you’re the next star, in the coming years, luck will come in the most beautiful and elegant outfit.

Exhausted by the responsibilities of cancer, she wants to live life in her beauty, free from the restrictions imposed on her, and do not forget that since 2008 Pluto has exhausted the aforementioned symptom, i.e. cancer, with changes. Brilliant luck in travel, knowledge aspects. Introduction and money come to him in the form of universal gifts

It is no secret that those born in the zodiac sign of Leo are not 100% comfortable, and even 50% of Leo zodiac signs come from affected symptoms in terms of partnership, marital life, career and position in previous years. Home, or children, or anything else .. The door to happiness opens in front of him either by traveling or moving to a new place, at the beginning of the year and getting ready for a better financial period every 2022.

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