An Introduction to the Modification of the Map Settings of the “Microsoft Flight Simulator” with Google Maps-GIGAZINE

An Introduction to the Modification of the Map Settings of the "Microsoft Flight Simulator" with Google Maps-GIGAZINE

Flight simulator that enables realistic flight movementMicrosoft Flight Simulator (2020)A mode that replaces all map settings with Google Maps has appeared.

MSFS 2020 Google Map Alternative Microsoft Flight Simulator

SweViver (u / SweViver) – Reddit

New FS2020 Google Maps MOD around the world! – Web light

Called “MSFS 2020 Google Map Replacement”, this mode is commonly used in Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020).Bing mapsReplaces image on Google Maps with image on Google Maps. Automatically created trees and structures will be the same as before, only the background image will be changed. Also, Microsoft’s color correction function, which adjusts natural colors, is not enabled. “Google Maps images are of a higher quality and upgrade than Bing Maps images,” explains the modder.

Introduced this modSweaver“For more than a decade Bing Maps has not been updated in most suburbs or small towns. Google Maps is so sophisticated that the layout around the world is better than Bing Maps. Maps instead, so there is no impact on loading time or performance due to the introduction of MOD. “

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