WhatsApp reveals 3 hidden features that iPhone and Android users will not notice!

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WhatsApp has released a guide to three new features now available on both Android and iPhone phones that users may not have noticed.

This includes viewing previews of links in chats and the ability to edit photos over the Internet via phone and WhatsApp. If you are a WhatsApp user, here are the best features you may not be aware of.

Web Media EditorWhen you cooperate, you are actively moving between your phone and your computer. But if you want to edit an already sent photo, you can’t do it on WhatsApp web and you have to go to your mobile.

Now WhatsApp claims to have changed this and added a media editor to the web experience.

So, now you can edit photos on your computer just like you have in use.

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– Preview links: Links can be the beginning of conversations; People want to talk to their friends about what they read, see and hear online.

In an effort to enhance that experience, WhatsApp has now improved the way people view link previews, so you can now see the full preview when you send it and to those who send the link what you sent and what they talk about the most.

– Sticker suggestions: Who doesn’t like adding stickers to other chats? However, to use the sticker during the WhatsApp conversation, you need to look at several tabs to find the exact sticker you want to use. This can disrupt the flow of conversations and sometimes not immediately find the poster you are looking for. WhatsApp now makes finding the right sticker fast and easy.

Now, with eco-based stickers, you will be asked for sticker suggestions as you type, which will allow you to find the right sticker at the right time to express yourself accurately.

WhatsApp promises to create this feature with privacy in mind, so your searches will not be viewed by the company and your personal messages will always be protected by end-to-end encryption.

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