Copies of American warships filmed in the Chinese desert

Copies of American warships filmed in the Chinese desert

In the middle of the desert, China has made copies of US warships stationed in the Pacific, however, images taken by satellite company Maxar Technologies show. These ships can be used as training targets for missile strikes.

Built by China In the middle of the desert Photographs of appearances Copies of American warships According to satellite images from US sources, they could be stationed in the Pacific and serve as training targets for missile strikes.

According to these pictures taken by the American Satellite Company Maxar Technologies Last month, these life-size structures in the shape of an aircraft carrier and a wreck were found in the Taklamagan Desert in western China’s Xinjiang region. One of them was fitted to the rail, and while some appeared to be two-dimensional, others appeared to be more subtle. United States Navy Company (LIP).

A construction from 2019

“Analysis of the history of satellite imagery shows that the aircraft carrier-shaped structure was first built between March and April 2019,” the company said in a statement. “It has undergone several renovations and was partially removed in December 2019. The site was revived at the end of September this year and construction was substantially completed in early October,” the report was quoted as saying. Intelligence agency. All source analysis For whom the zone has been used for testing in the past Ballistic missiles. When asked about the pictures, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenpin responded Monday, “I don’t know about the situation.”

China is in the process of modernizing its weapons

According to a Pentagon report on the Chinese military released last week, Beijing is currently engaged in a major effort to modernize its weapons, with weapons capable of neutralizing US warships in the event of a regional conflict. The Pentagon cited the DF-21D missile at a range of more than 1,500 kilometers “capable of conducting precision long-range attacks against ships, including aircraft carriers, off the mainland of China in the western Pacific.” According to US Admiral Philip Davidson, the Chinese military deployed the missiles during training, “sending a vague message to world and regional views”.

This is not the first time a Chinese counter-aircraft carrier has been built in the desert. But the new site in the Taklamagan Desert is highly developed. The new target ships are closer to the ships they are supposed to represent.

Before the US Senate in March, the Admiral underlined that, according to him, the use of these missiles during military exercises demonstrated the Chinese military’s willingness to face any intervention of the Third Army during the regional crisis. The U.S. Navy continues to operate around the South China Sea and Taiwan, annoying Beijing, which is seeking sovereignty over the island.

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