America reopens its doors to the French

America reopens its doors to the French

Obtaining a work visa or “green card” is still a barrier.

From New York

“America is back” , Joe Biden insists since coming to the White House. This promise is now valid for tourists from France and other parts of the European Union, orphans from New York and those in the Greater Outback from March 2020. But this reunion hides the old Atlantic conflict exacerbated by the Covid 19 epidemic: the difficult issue of work visas and “green cards”.

The spring exodus of 2020 dried up the French community in the United States. The siege imposed on the big cities, the frightening frequency of the ambulance sirens, and the frantic flight of their American friends to the countryside prompted many foreigners to take to the skies, using a plane used by Air France. How many people left? How many people came back after twenty months? Statistics are low, many foreigners

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