A great right in the “liquid” discussions to get Ben Simmons back!

Yet Ben Simmons, a member of the Sixers, could soon change the landscape. Shams Sarania reveals that the Australian is being targeted by the owner of the Eastern Conference! Discussions have already begun!

If the situation around him has calmed down a bit since the start of the season, the Ben Simmons case is far from being settled in Philadelphia. The winger has not played a game yet and considers himself mentally incapable. As a result, GM Daryl Moray is still looking for a potential trading partner, which is not as easy as the Improcleo caused by n ° 25.

However, it looks like a candidate is emerging for Australia again. Athletes The Celtics, who started their season badly, said there would be some changes in the squad (4-6). The weather in the locker room was no better either After the Marcus Smart controversy. As a result, recent pre-office declines are worrying:

Brad Stevens, head of basketball operations, told NBC Sports Boston that the right is “going to be found” if it has the right players.

Will Ben Simmons trade for Boston for Jaylan Brown?

For those who think this is not enough to turn Bean Town into a potential site for Penny, Shams Sarania is bringing an important update in this regard. According to the famous local, the two competitors have already started negotiations for a deal! So far, no definite results. However, a Greens & Whites player must almost finish in Pennsylvania to work on it:

The Boston Celtics have been in talks with 76 players around Simmons and have expressed interest in him, according to The Athletic Sources. According to these sources, the discussions were fluid and have not yet been successful. Any possible Simmons deal with the Celtics should include all-star winger Jaylan Brown.

In fact, it is not certain that this trade will be a win-win for both parties involved. On the one hand, Boston will lose one of its best components (25 points and 6 rebounds in 2021-22) to attacking a player. However, Ime Udoka’s men needed scoring, with only 130 in the league (108.8 points per game). The kidnapper, Simmons, does not seem to have a solution to this.

As for the Sixers, they will retrieve a great two-way player there, but they do not yet have a lead dealer with the ability to ensure long-term. On the other hand, the correlation between Brown and Joel Empide This is entirely possible in terms of Celtic personality. Is this enough to go all the way? For that, the exchange must have already taken place.

Ben Simmons in the Celtics? Anyway, this is the direction things are going at the moment. At least Philadelphia should consider this a good thing.

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