Top 5 Videos of the Week: Shapeless Metals

This week, we invite you to discover amorphous metals. Trump, the manufacturer of 3D printers, has developed a 3D printer that is compatible with these materials, both of which are highly resistant but resilient. Then, 3Dnatives will bring you back to 3D Print Paris. Organized for the first time in the capital, 3D printing players have released even more amazing applications. Finally, we will meet you at Setforge. The French company uses solutions provided by 9T Labs to increase its production. Anyway, we wish you a very happy Sunday!

Top 1: Formless metals: Trump is a German industrial 3D printer manufacturer that meets the needs of many professionals today. Below, the company offers amorphous metals. Also called metal glasses, they are very strong and very resilient. Considered by Trump as “the new supermaterial for 3D printing”, the properties of these metals provide new perspectives to many fields, including medicine, aerospace and robotics:

Top 2: Return to 3D Print Paris: For the first time, a 3D print was held in Paris on October 20 and 21. With over 150 exhibitors and approximately 3,100 participants, the event met with admissions manufacturers to help present their latest findings. 3Dnatives invites you to come back to a video about some of the best applications and machines released during 3D Print Paris. Between cycling, aerospace and medicine, several industries were honored during the event:

Top 3: CNC Machine and 3D Printing: In manufacturing, two methods are usually compared: CNC machining and 3D printing. The main difference between these two techniques is that one works collectively and the other is minus. To find out what distinguishes these two methods, Hubs provides on-site production engineers with on-demand access to a network of global production partners, and video reviews of their key features:

Top 4: 9T Labs and Setforge: 9T Labs is a Swiss company developing joint 3D printing solutions. Thanks to its machines, it offers a resistant and very lightweight product. This is why Setforge, a French company that supplies components to a variety of industries, has invited the services of 9T Labs. Using a range of hybrid printers and especially the Red Series, Setforge today manufactures its components quickly and inexpensively:

Top 5: FX20 Printer: Today, Markforged is one of the recognized 3D printers manufacturers in the global combination production landscape. Recently, the American company released the FX20 printer, which is the company’s largest and fastest machine. Capable of maintaining a temperature of 200 C and printing parts up to 525 mm x 400 mm x 400 mm, the printer meets the needs of many industries such as aerospace:

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