The son of amusement park owner Peter Gillis was robbed

The son of amusement park owner Peter Gillis was robbed

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Mark Gillis, son of amusement park owner Peter Gillis, was robbed at his home in Princenmere Holiday Park in O’Malley from Saturday to Sunday night. Kicked him. The attackers looted his house and looted an undisclosed amount.


Father Peter Gillis is the owner of the Oostappen Group, which also owns a holiday park in Ommel. He confirms the robbery, but does not say whether his son was killed or injured.

Residents of holiday homes in Ommel confirmed to Eindhovens Dagblad that the robbers were behind Mark.

According to police, the victim came home at around 3pm and was met by three men who gave him a few blows and kept him in his own home for a while. Everything was searched but nothing was known about the robbery.

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When the criminals left, Gillis was able to call the police himself, Prabhupada Dockplot knows.

Known for his reality soap ‘Family Gillis: mass is cash’ on VTM2, Peter Gillis has appeared in the media several times in recent weeks. Some of the apartments in his holiday parks are said to have been massacred. This week he posed with his Rolls Royce in front of his castle and announced that he wanted to be a grandson.

It is not clear whether the manifestation of his wealth incited people with the malicious intent to attack his son.

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