The hackers have posted details about the Saudi royal family and apologized. Now the question arises why?

The hackers have posted details about the Saudi royal family and apologized.  Now the question arises why?

The hackers from the Kandy group took a rare step and apologized to members of the royal family in the Gulf for leaking their information. Fear or PR?

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In recent years, we have seen almost all types of cyber-attacks – from relatively simple hacking to Israeli web development company Iranian hackers or “Iranian hackers” – hacking with global effects like Solar Winds. But what we don’t see is that hackers apologize to victims.

Put Trump aside and apologize to the Saudi prince

The Russian hacker group Kandy last month released a sample of data stolen by its people from jeweler Groff – a source of bit-blinking between the world-famous and the rich. Among his clients are details leaked following the overthrow of Conte’s men, including Oprah Winfrey, David Beckham and the President of the United States (Also those who want to start a new social website) Donald Trump.

But the real problem with the vast amount of information leaked by hackers is not related to these three, but to the details of members of the royal family from the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. It turns out that this information does not need to be broadcast.

“Human error”

Last week, hackers posted a message apologizing to members of the Gulf royal family at their forum in Darknet, saying it was a human error. “We found that the sample information that came up on our blog did not pass the exam properly. We guarantee that all information relating to members of the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia, the Emirate and Qatar will not be deleted and distributed.

Apologies for the hackers

Hackers choose to formally apologize to Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman Is considered, and in the past he was – apparently – reported to be a parent Hack the mobile device of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos using Israeli NSO Pegasus software.

The hackers further asserted that they did not sell or carry out barter transactions in the information of those members of the royal family – except for the small information published in the sample. They say they will improve the QA process or analyze their information before such information is published in the future – it sounds like a sentence released after information leaked from its social network by its users.

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Fear or frustration?

But why should a group of Russian hackers apologize to Royalty in the Gulf countries? Security investigator Alan Lisca told Weiss that the attackers were afraid of royal families. The United Arab Emirates sends assassination squads to take care of those it does not like. Even rescue teams did not oppose political pressure. “I think they talked to someone in the Kremlin. It was a bad idea (releasing royalty information), so they removed the information.” On the other hand, in a conversation with Giktiim, Omri Segev Moyal, CEO of cyber company Propro, says that in his opinion this is not the case. “I take everything published by ransomware groups under a limited warranty. “There are more reasons to believe that this is a hoax and not a real concern of the Saudi regime,” Segev Moyal said. He said the hackers were trying to create the false impression that they had been attacked by Russian officials and that this was more likely to be an attempt to publicize their attack, which could possibly create more embarrassment for the British shop. – I hope it will pay the requested redemption amount.

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