Laughing, LeBron publicly mocks Tremond Green!

The big kid at heart, LeBron James, has not missed the chance to pay the Dreammond Green leader recently. Come on, this is a fair game between two all-stars!

Two years later, he lost the motivation to play for a team, where he dropped down the rankings, Tremond Green Burns this season. Proof? During the demonstration against the Pelicans, he allowed himself a good old-fashioned, ancient Tomahawk dunk, into power:

LeBron smiles at Tremond after his big tomar

Do not pick more than one LeBron James Not involved in teasing:

Paul Rivera (near Nike exec, LeBron): “It looks like Yo LeBron and Rich Paul, Draymond will be competing in the Slam Dunk this year”

LeBron: “That’s it, Trey!” Go there! “

Be sure: Despite the fights between Cleveland and Golden State, everything is fine between the two who have already exchanged stories in the past and reunited under Rich Ball and Clutch Sports. On the other hand, if the King of Tremont wants to launch a counter-attack by talking in his formal trash, it becomes clear that an argument has been invented!

Because if he had an easy joke about it, LeBron would never have competed in a slam dunk match in his lifetime. In the eyes of his opponents who condemn him for not having the courage to do what Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant did before him, Akron’s descent calls this non-participation a “cowardly act.” Recently his partner Tried to state the reason for this white line, without believing much.

Not making fun at last, LeBron smiled nicely as he imagined himself taking part in the Tremond Green Tank competition. Come on, we’re waiting (hopefully) for the warrior’s response to quell King James’ rage!

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