How To Disable “Annoying Sound Effects” On Xiaomi Smartphones

Как настроить звуковые эффекты MIUI в клавиатуре, камере, при блокировке экрана и т.д.
How to customize MIUI sound effects on keyboard, camera, screen lock, etc.

MIUI allows you to enable / disable sound effects, with the ability to reduce / increase volume.

For example, if you have the option to work with phone sound, but without the annoying sound effect of the camera shutter when photographing an object, for many, MIUI offers the ability to mute each of these effects individually.

In MIUI settings, you can enable / disable sounds such as unlock, boot, keyboard, touch, delete and unlock.

Disables sound effects on Xiaomi ecosystem phones

To disable the above sound effects on your Xiaomi / Redmi / POCO, follow the steps in the following chain:

  1. Go from “Settings” to “Sound and Vibration” and from there to “Additions”. “Settings”.
  2. Disable desired effects.

You can reverse disabled effects the same way.

This simple method allows you to keep the sound mode active on your smartphone without constantly listening to personal sound effects.

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