46 One of the most famous bodies in the world died of kidney failure

Shawn Roden, the world body, died suddenly. The muscle colossus that won the 2018 Mr. Olympia title was suddenly felt in the hall, hr put the whole body into the profession, head over heels on the internet.

Testt has asked for sources close to the Generation Iron portal Caused by heart attack. Sean Rodin’s Hall coach, Chris Aceto and Rodan’s family also confirmed – szmolt a The sun.

Rodan’s Hall had the whole game. In the public domain, posts by professionals and fans are listed in the Nhai filter. A fan on Twitter RTA: “I can’t always believe it. Be quiet, Shawn Roden.” – Risha A. View.

Shawn Roden died of a heart attackForrs: Imaginechina via AFP / Zhong fubao-Imaginechina / Zhong Fubao

The professional organization is famous in sports history: the 2018 Mr. Olympia title is also included. He started running as an amateur organization in 1992, but by that time he had acquired a lot of skills. After his son died, he drank alcohol. In 2011, Shawn Mr. Olympia started CMRT, then finished 11th, but did not give up, and much later, in 2018, Roden defeated his opponent Bill Heath by 43 kidneys – making him the oldest body ever. Olympia Semite.

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