Will having two dogs reduce your separation anxiety?

Will having two dogs reduce your separation anxiety?

Currently Dogs They are also a member of the family. This is why many owners suffer Can Suffers Division, concern.

While furry dogs try to control the stress they feel when they are away from their owners, many believe that accepting a second as a solution to this problem. Can To keep each other company.

But science has found that this obvious solution to the problem does not work, on the contrary, it is huge. Anxiety. Here we explain everything about this subject.


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Division, concern

Decades ago, modern psychology was studied Division, concern Between children and their mothers. An event that has begun to be explored in pets in recent years.

As for dogs, it occurs when their owners leave them alone at home, which creates great concern in dogs that react in different ways.

First, as soon as they realize that their owners have left them, dogs begin to “cry” and make different sounds to make their owner understand that they do not want to be alone.

In addition to barking and howling, a dog tends to have separation anxiety Breaking down household items, As well as urinating, defecating and vomiting can be done in places where you don’t usually do.

This problem is caused by the presence of hyperpathy Dog With its owner, so the dog will be quiet only when it is close to its owner.

Does having two dogs help?

Many owners, however, have realized it That dog Experiencing anxiety when left alone, they both think adopting another dog is a solution to get used to at all times.

But, according to A new study Made in Switzerland, in fact the opposite. Why?

According to experts, the barking and howling of dogs are trying to show that they are losing their owners, which is a clear indicator. Division, concern, Increased in homes with multiple dogs compared to single households Dog.


Swiss academics installed surveillance cameras in several homes Dogs, Tries to monitor dog behavior when their owners are out of the house.

The researchers studied the behavior of 32 Dogs Lived in homes with only one dog and in 45 homes with more than one dog DogIn all cases, the animals are usually left alone at certain times of the day on a daily basis.

That’s why they found more signs of anxiety Dogs They had a core support from excessive barking to overall movement.

The biggest symptoms of separation anxiety occurred during the first hour the dogs were alone.

It is noteworthy that only 22% of these Dogs Symptoms of secession anxiety lasted more than a few minutes, and most of them returned to normal after their owners left.

Why do dog couples experience more separation anxiety?

Experts have found this in many homes Dogs, Mainly in the first hours of separation, there were more symptoms Division, concern.

Although there is no definitive answer yet to explain this phenomenon, experts have first approximations.

From the beginning, they believe in something new Dog Can learn and copy’s behavior Dog With enthusiasm, so they will share the concern and make it a common one when their owners see the exit.

In addition, they will extend their level of anxiety when they see their cousin maintaining it.

Interestingly, experts found that women’s anxiety was reduced, especially when the owner was absent for a long time Dogs Men showed an increase in anxiety as the absence lasted longer.

The results of the study indicate that while a new core company may have increased concern over a common feature, it may be helpful in individual and litigation cases. Dogs Deal with separation from your human connection stats.

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