Why does Australia plan to kill 10,000 wild horses?

Why does Australia plan to kill 10,000 wild horses?

In Australia, researchers say the number of fast-growing wild horses in the alpine national park should be drastically reduced. They point out that horses threaten many indigenous breeds. Wildlife officials plan to kill or relocate more than 10,000 of these animals in the coming months.

Adjust the number of horses

On Number Today 25,000 wild horses in Australia, According to an aerial survey conducted in 2019. Most of these horses, also known locally as “prambis”, live in the Australian Alpine region. You will find her at the meeting of the states of New South Wales, Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory (surrounded by land in southeast of New South Wales).

This alpine environment covers only a small part of Australia (about 1%), but it is home to many endemic species. Horses breed there rapidly and cause extensive damage to the ecosystem throughout the region.

Kosciuszko National Park in New South Wales is particularly affected by the “invasion” of these horses. There are more than 14,000 here. In an effort to control the damage, Australian wildlife officials proposed a plan on October 1 to reduce the number of these horses. Up to about 3000. Subject to a fine, The population will be then The Navy has 32%.

These animals can be shot down by aerial fire. Can also be transferred to private land. However, this type of process is time consuming and expensive. Since 2002, only a thousand wild horses have been successfully rescued in New South Wales.

According to officials, the plan will preserve the “traditional value” of the Prombs (although they were originally imported by European immigrants).

Australia horses
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Listen to science, not pressure groups

The move may already seem too ambitious (more than 10,000 horses are involved). However, some researchers hope not to do so Not enough. In an open letter published on October 29th Nature MagazineSixty-nine scientists from the Australian Academy of Sciences say more cuts are needed to truly preserve the park. Researchers condemn Surrender of officers to “pro-Prampi” pressure groups, Ignoring scientific evidence.

The authorities must. ” Ask for scientific, recent evidence and recommendations on how to protect the park from significant damage by wild horses“Briefly, John Shine, President of the Australian Academy of Sciences.” Doing so would be an insult to endangered Native Australian ecosystems and endangered species endangered by wild horses..

Government of New South Wales ” Couldn’t have chosen the worst place David Watson, an ecologist at Charles Sturt University, promises to allow wild horses to roam. These areas are very fragile for large vegetation.

In their letter, the scientists urged the National Parks and Wildlife Service to reduce the number of horses. ” 3,000 will be provided. They demand that the entire park be protected and not two-thirds.

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