White socks reject Caesar Hernandez’s choice

White socks reject Caesar Hernandez's choice

MLB players and teams have until Sunday to decide whether to receive their respective contract options for 2022.

On the side of the Chicago White Sox, the decisions already seem to have been made. In fact, everything suggests that they will reject their second cushion player Caesar Hernandez’s $ 6 million option.

This is not surprising since he was a replacement following the injury to Nick Madrigal this season.

Hernandez signed a one-year, $ 5 million warranty for the 2020-2021 season. So he will have to settle for the average minimum salary of 232 since he moved to Illinois.

In addition to Hernandez, the White Sox have split with four other players, right-handed pitchers Jimmy Cortero and Evan Marshall, left-handed pitchers Jace Fry and outfielder Brian Goodwin. So they will be as free as the wind next week.

However, like Hernandez, that doesn’t mean they won’t be back in white socks uniform in 2022, but if they do, it will be cheaper.

As a result of these employee movements, there are now 34 players on the White Sox list.

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