In Sydney, protesters condemned Australia's inaction

In Sydney, protesters condemned Australia’s inaction


This Saturday, November 6, on the sidelines of COP26, a global climate demonstration was organized, to which many in Sydney responded. Australia, which can be described as a red light in the fight against global warming.

With our correspondent in Sydney, Gregory Plesse

Protesters marched in Sydney’s center this Saturday calling for concrete action to fight climate change. She wanted to condemn with this dress The unwavering support of the Australian Prime Minister And his party to this fossil fuel. Back in early October, the Australian government gave its approval Expansion of the coal mine, The third such move in a month: ” Everything they say or do is fraudulent அவர்கள் They do not mean what they say, they create slogans but there is no real solution. They are working for their own benefit, not for the benefit of Australia.

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Australia is the largest emitter of greenhouse gases in the G20

It should be noted that during his brief appearance on COP26, Scott Morrison refused to sign on to two key duties performed in Glasgow: reduced. Methane emissions And the planned discharge of coal. ” This is very common for our government. Opponent announces. They are in the pocket of the gas and coal lobby. They are not going to act against their own financial interests.

Australia is the world’s largest coal exporter, but the G20’s per capita emit the most greenhouse gases. In addition, the plan for carbon neutralization put forward by Scott Morrison before moving to Glasgow did not stop coal mining.

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