Fishing Licenses: Where are the Debates between London and Paris?

Fishing Licenses: Where are the Debates between London and Paris?

On Monday, France was to fulfill its final warning. Namely: banning British fishing vessels from unloading their cargo in French ports and strengthening customs controls on all trucks if London no longer delivers. License for French fishermen In its water. London did not move. But in the end, the administrator calmed things down and suspended the final warning pending for the Paris meeting.

This happened on Thursday with Brexit British Foreign Secretary David Frost. Results? Nothing too substantial. Clement Beyonc பிர, the French foreign secretary for European affairs, said there were “significant differences” between the London and Paris positions on the fishing issue, although he dismissed any new final warning.

Their interview “allowed the conversation to resume,” said Clement Peon, who regretted having to do “a lot of work” before adjusting their positions. “What we are asking for is a contract application, which is not a new requirement compared to the contract,” he stressed during a telephone press conference.

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David Frost, for his part, is scheduled to meet with European Commission Vice President Maros Shefkovic in Brussels this Friday. At the LCI, Clement Peone recalled the new French strategy: “We will be as firm and open as possible.” Sign it Negotiations may continue. London and Paris have announced that David Frost will return to discuss with Clement Peon “early next week”.

What prevents more

London, for its part, has expressed confidence in the matter. A spokesman for Prime Minister Boris Johnson told reporters: “I do not believe the French will advance with threats. They are clear with us that they will not implement them in the short term,” he continued. Both parties want to deepen their discussions. ”

Words that echo the words of Emmanuel Macron on Monday. “Not when we negotiate that we will impose sanctions,” he defended the French president in front of the press, on the sidelines of COP26 in Glasgow, United Kingdom. On Sunday, he argued for a “raise” after a meeting with Boris Johnson.

What is blocking? Under the Brexit agreement, European fishermen could continue to work in certain UK waters if they could prove that they had previously fished. But the French and the English argue over the nature and quantity of the supporting documents to be provided. Paris says 200 license applications for French boats have been delayed, a number London has disputed.

GPS locations for small boats?

“We have a problem with the procedure followed on the part of the British to grant these licenses, with a certain number of additional requirements compared to the Brexit agreement, which is a great inconvenience to us,” Clement Peon argued. .

Of these, London needs GPS locations of small boats that show fishing in its waters, which “did not impose European rules” before the UK withdrew from the EU, the French secretary of state said. “We can’t provide data that doesn’t exist,” he said. “I would like to emphasize that we are not negotiating the attribute system of licenses,” Boris Johnson’s spokeswoman replied.

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A quarter of the French catches (about 20% of the value) come from British waters, which are very rich in fish and account for 650 million euros in annual sales of European fishermen.



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