Denise Godrej is very angry when she talks about the Expos

We always know that Denise Coder never hid her love for baseball and the Montreal Expos. Everyone hoped that the current election campaign against the current mayor of the city, Valerie Bland, would once again reveal his partisan side.

To the surprise of the public, Denise Codder is cautious in her comments regarding the construction of a new stadium in the Peel Basin, and shares the same view of her opponent about the municipal tax holiday once the $ 580 million infrastructure is in place. Both candidates disagree on this popular leave and comment that there will be no concessions to Stephen Bronfman’s team if the plan is passed.

In doing so, Kodare ensures that baseball mobilizes some who oppose the municipal contribution to facilitate a return to Montreal.

Municipal taxes related to the construction of the new site will be estimated at $ 20.7 million per year.

Denise Coderrene’s reasoning is simple: Why should other teams (Canadians and CF Montreal) not tax baseball rights?

Equality has always been a winning policy in politics and especially in the midst of the election campaign.

The experienced politician, Denise Coderre, is well aware that if the group defends the Baseball Montreal program, it will go against automation against a section of the electorate, thus reducing his chances of winning.

When asked at 91.9 Sports Airways, candidate Kodare spoke about his desire to upgrade several sports facilities and build new infrastructure for a total of $ 240 million.

He asked the Legault government if Montreal could manage a park of gymnasiums located in schools to provide access to citizens outside of school hours. In doing so, it becomes clear that the good physical health of the Montrealists is a priority for him and his team.

He was cautious about the Expos return, noting that the outcome of the epidemic was a priority, and that he would not put a stick in the baseball return on the wheels of the baseball Montreal team, which was a plan. According to him, the city in the United States.

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