Canadian company TC Energy reported a decline in third-quarter profit

McKinsey, tainted by opiates, will replace the boss

Canadian company TC Energy on Friday reported third-quarter net profit of C $ 779 million (1 541.6 million), down 13.8% from 904 million last year. At its press conference, which gave its financial results, the oil and gas pipeline operator announced that it was on track to approve seven billion dollars worth of new energy infrastructure projects by 2021.Most contain components aimed at reducing emissions or accelerating energy conversion. ⁇We offer our $ 22 billion guaranteed investment plan and install a significant number of other plans», Announced by FranCois Borier, President of TC Énergie.

In October, the company partnered with US-based Nicola Corporation to develop, build, operate and own “Large hydrogen production facilities (hubs) in the United States and Canada.“Fran பிரான்ois Fourier, who headed DC Energy for less than a year.”A great area»The capital invested by the company will be allocated for projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. He further added, “More small projects“Put less risk on the company.

Calgary-based TC Energy announced in June that it was abandoning its controversial Keystone XL pipeline project, which would carry Canadian oil to U.S. refineries after the license was revoked by President Joe Biden. Management has provided an update on the progress of the construction of the Coastal Gasling Pipeline in British Columbia (western) aimed at transporting natural gas to the Pacific coast.

TC Energy has indicated that there will be no disruption or disruption in the construction of the controversial pipeline. “We have all the necessary permissions to move forward, and we are 100% committed to LNG Canada on the unimpeded construction.Tracy Robinson, head of Coastal Gasling, said the pipeline was more than half complete.

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