19th century but not only in historical film festival

19th century but not only in historical film festival

The 31st Historical Film Festival from November 15 to 22 offers films and rich discussions about the 19th century. But for the rest – documentaries and fiction contests, special screenings – nothing bad.

“XIXe A century before the whole steam ”, a broad object? Many say so about the next Pesach History Film Festival from November 15 to 22. This period was marked by the Industrial Revolution, the retreat of monarchies, the emergence of socialism, colonial expansion and the conquest of the West in the United States (another form of colonialism?). Many themes that can justify a festival. If it is only due to related galleries.

In fact, there will be plenty of great traditional films in the Jean-Eustach Theater: “Le Megano de la ” General” “, Buster Keaton,” Senso “, Viscondi, rarely seen on the big screen, two adaptations of” Germinal “Emily Zola, Yves Alecret (1963) Including, Bernard Plier and Claude Brasser, often considered a specialty. We can even see it being screened in two sessions that lasted several hours (“Con with the Wind”, version of “Misrables” 1933 …). The festival is only for these fifty films.

But there are forty pictures competing to see. We have a whole bunch of documentaries about the municipality (a media and film) about housewives in Algeria or XX under Vichy.e Century. For the fictional episode “A Son of the South” co-produced by Spike Lee about a young white American who chose to support the struggle for civil rights in the 60s. Or “L’Événement”, a novel by Annie Ernox, about the illegal abortion of a young woman in 1963.

The film will be screened at the opening ceremony of the festival on Monday the 15th. As an echo, the closing (and preview) “Simon, Journey of the Century”, Oliver Dahan’s biography of Simon Weil, Sunday 21. Total 95 Images, 38 Discussions on themes such as Path Iron in Bordeaux in XIXe Century, 1855 Classification of Bordeaux wines or “Industrial Age: Luck or Disaster?”. Details about cinema-histoire-pessac.com.

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