Video: Melting Glaciers

Video: Melting Glaciers

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Glaciers around the world have lost more than nine trillion tons of ice in half a century. What will glaciers look like in the next few decades? “It depends on what humans are doing now in terms of greenhouse gas emissions:” was the message sent by a scientist during a voyage led by the European Space Agency to Corner Glacier in Switzerland, one of the largest glaciers in the Alps.

Watch the exclusive premiere of the documentary following the European Space Agency’s astronaut Luca Permitano with a group of astronomers and scientists at the 26th United Nations Conference of Parties on Climate Change. Climate expertOn the way through the Alps to learn how to ride Global warming Negatively affects glaciers.

In this documentary they show amazing views of the Corner Glacier and interviews with climate experts, explaining how to track glaciers using satellite data and on-site measurements.

Credit: European Space Agency

An astronaut from the European Space Agency joins a mission to an iceberg in the Alps

European Space Agency

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