Various Windows 11 features help these three creative actors work

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Last month, technology company Microsoft launched Operating system New Windows 11. Today (5/11/21), it has already been a month Windows 11 It is present in more than 190 countries, including Indonesia.

Balance Operating system This new addition supports the entry into the world of the hybrid era where work, study and sports are increasingly being done from home and far away.

Windows 11 Developed to support digital related functions tailored to the needs of each user. It has a lot of ideas, creative casting that requires organized planning and collaboration.

Three Indonesian creative actors, namely: Tinda Puspitasari, Myonk phase, And Rathidya Diga Three people who made direct use of various features in Windows 11,

In the process, each creative actor has a set of methods and features that he works with Windows 11 Currently to respond to these requirements.

For idea needs, for example, Tinda Puspitasari, Founder of Fashion Illustrator Dawn Tinda Puspitasari The studio says “Ideas are one of my main tasks. For this, I need a lot of inspiration and time to focus. ”

By using artificial intelligence based widgets Windows 11, Tinda agreed that inspiration is easy to find because she can find the right item or message for my needs with a single touch.

“After initially setting my preferences, I was immediately given various subject and news suggestions in the widgets. In addition, I’m still focused after using the focus sessions, and I’m here to focus on each day, disabling email or chat notifications, and setting my own target time to integrate it with the to-do list, ”Tinda explained at the press conference. Windows 11”Was held on Friday (11/5/2021).

Results, together Windows 11In less than a month, Tinda was able to create many commercial products with various charts.

“Yeah, that surprised me a lot Windows 11 The UI (user experience) is cleaner and different than before (Windows 10). Because of this UI, everything feels seamless. “

The press conference was held on Friday (11/5/2021)

Press conference on Friday (5/11/2021) “One month with Windows 11”.

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