The origin of the LeBron injury has been revealed!

La superstar NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James, a vu l'une des grosses rumeurs le concernant être démentie au sujet de sa transformation physique !

Absent until an unknown date, LeBron James suffers an injury to his abdominal belt. How did it happen? I think someone on Twitter found the source, and that explains a lot.

In excellent form with the Lakers in these last encounters, LeBron James was cut back to full range. After an ankle injury, Raja lost due to a problem with his abdominal belt. The medical staff followed this carefully and no return date was mentioned. Shams Saranya him, The matter was discussed in detail.

Still, the result is the same: Akron’s ancestry is not there, and he will miss several games, leaving the keys to Russell Westbrook and Anthony Davis. We saw the first look against Thunder this Thursday night, and it got pretty bad (Summary of the game here)

Was LeBron injured by John Green?

When did the LeBron problem arise? Internet users sought to know more, and one of them might have the answer. In the previous game against the Rocket, that person made a terrible mistake on the part of Jalen Green. At the time, the lacquer seemed to be working well and it would not last.

A bad shock, especially if Green’s knee is pulled. A minute later, as Raja returned to the locker room in pain, one might think:

It is clear from the footage that LeBron James was injured in the game against the Rockets, and that explains a lot. We hope this is not too bad, so Raja will come to court soon.

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