The energy of young artists captures the Saatchi Gallery in London

The energy of young artists captures the Saatchi Gallery in London

Epidemic has changed the lives of young artists, but also renewed their perspectives by stimulating their creativity. A New exhibition at Saatchi Gallery in London Exhibits the works of more than 200 graduate art school students in the UK capital.

Explore new ways

Among them, Melania Toma, An Italian who completed his studies Chelsea College of Arts.

“I felt isolated in this environment.” She said for the past few months. “I was far away from my home, my family and my friends.” Before adding she said: “I had to find new places to work. In fact it was very inspiring for me, for my training, because it allowed me to explore new avenues, new areas of interest.”

“Everything in my practice is related to change, with the power to change the self.” Adds young artist. “I see this object as a fetish, an amulet-like structure that allows us to connect with the emotional energy within us.” He points and explains one of his works.

The epidemic called for self-examination

Due to the health situation and the cancellation of events where students present their works, young artists and curators had to provide an alternative site. Then First edition last year, Saatchi Gallery So puts the card back on.

This exhibition “An incredible experience for us” Confident Ladosha Monique, Artist and in charge Goldsmith University. “For the last 19 months many of us have not shown our work physically. It all happened online.” She continues. “We provide the bulk of what was revealed to us during the epidemic, so you will find many paintings and photographs, sculptures … they reflect who we are!” She insists.

Work Thomas Helm Dealing with the loneliness and loneliness that many feel during imprisonment. He gives us one of these pieces that inspires the sailing of a boat: “This job is for my brother who was sick two years ago, and at that time he got a text message from a friend: Today you are in a storm, unload the boats, and that too will eventually pass.” Says this artist Royal College of Art. “Last year we all had a common bond.” He points out.

“London comes to life again”

The art exam explores a number of themes, including gender identity, environmental mobilization, and ethnic politics.

“The art presented here shows that London is being revived and that the city evokes a sense of energy and clearly evokes a creative scene in general.” Welcome Lauren Bevan, From the artist Royal College of Art.

Georgina Greenslate, director of the “London Grads Now.21” project at the Saatchi Gallery, explains: “Following the success of last year’s Alumni Exhibition, we are pleased to present ‘London Grads Now’ 21. At a time when government budgets have reduced the visibility of graduates, this exhibition is a celebration and support for art education pathways. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to the artists. She insists.

“Some exciting new additions to this year’s edition include the participation of Kingston University, organizing the exhibition away from Iran and setting up an exhibition space shared by all schools at the Sachi Gallery.” She finally said.

The exhibition “London Grads Now.21” is on display at the Saatchi Gallery until 16 January.

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