Favorite: Flour and grape restaurant in London for real Italian pasta

Des pâtes fraîches, du vin et du jambon de parme chez Flour & Grape

Italian wines, homemade pasta or other barrata, antipasti, tramis and lemon meringue pie are the recipe for the success of this restaurant on London’s Bermondsey Street just ten minutes away.

“Flour & grapes”, the basic ingredients of flour and grapes, pasta and wine. The name of the London establishment perfectly matches the sober, authentic and comfortable atmosphere provided by the dining room. Humble lighting in the background of Italian music, wooden tables and lively conversations await the culinary journey and all the cuisines looking for the purest flavors of southern Europe.

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Hand in hand

A vision on the map and one dreams of Florence, Milan or Rome. On the menu, ravioli dishes with pumpkin and sage are for less than 10, and Casarecce all’arrabiata for £ 8 or a pasta meal with groceries and parmesan for £ 13.50 … These prices are more than reasonable for a restaurant in the capital. A non-stop one-way ticket to Italy.

Before entering the restaurant, passers-by are drawn to the outside window. The dough, made with flour and water, will soon appear on the cooks trays before being cooked according to the various shapes of ravioli, lasagna and other spaghetti. The knowledge of these artisans will convince even those who do not like pasta to look at ‘flour & grapes’.

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Victim of personal success

If this article brought water to your mouth and you are planning an Italian dinner tonight, here is our tip: Be on time! The restaurant has suffered from its own success and is always full. It’s even harder to find a table there on a weekday, especially since the restaurant doesn’t accept bookings. Considering waiting at the bar in the basement (the restaurant will open at 5.30 on the road) this is a good thing to do. aperitif time and the opportunity to take advantage of special offers on cocktails.

If the “pre-drinks” option doesn’t appeal to you, you can join An online queue, Which will alert you when a table is free. The only conditions: to be within a radius of two kilometers in the south coast district and be prepared to wait, sometimes for a very long time.

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More info available le base flour & grapes.

214 near Permontse St, SE1 3TQ, Permontse Station or London Bridge Station.

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