Emmanuel Macron’s torpedo shook Australia

Emmanuel Macron's torpedo shook Australia

The false agreement of the French president wants to save the face of the Prime Minister of Canberra.


Emmanuel Macron’s harsh response – “I don’t think so, I know– An Australian journalist was on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Rome when asked if he thought Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison had lied to him to condemn his wishes. The deal of the century Submarines signed in 2016 Naval team, Never stops spilling ink on the island-continent. On the same day, a few hours ago, it was true that “Sokomo” had already been released by US President Joe Biden, describing the breach of this agreement.Clumsy“And”Lack of grace.

Scott Morrison is even more likely to be fined. When the submarine issue came to light in September, he reaffirmed that he did not have to apologize for acting in the national interest, and then the French government. “Go frankly“But the false accusations were clearly hurtful. The very next day, several Australian media outlets exclusively exchanged text messages exchanged between the two leaders two days before the announcement of the Anglo-Saxon Tripartite Alliance Aukus. Macron knew there was water in the gas.

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Should I wait for good or bad news about our shared submarine ambitions?“Emmanuel Macron asks in a message to Scott Morrison that the Australian Prime Minister, on his way back to Australia on Wednesday, has confirmed that he was at the scene of the leak.Required. Earlier, a close friend of the French president had criticized him Inside Parisian, For whom “Hope (Editorial with the Australian Government) Completely brokenThe Sydney Morning Herald reports that the leak was criticized by some Australian officials.

Should I wait for good or bad news about our shared submarine ambitions?

SMS sent by Emmanuel Macron to Scott Morrison on September 13th

For his first public speech since returning to Canberra, French Ambassador to Australia Jean-Pierre Debald did not die before the National Press on Wednesday: “We have fallen further in terms of privacy, but in terms of truth and trust; One does not behave like that in personal exchanges between coalition leaders. This sends a very bad signal to all other states: beware, there will be leaks in Australia, and what you say secretly to your allies will eventually be used against you.Suspend negotiations on a free trade agreement between the EU and Australia, “the ambassador suggested.Blow on the back“Obtained by the French, indicates his existence”A strong vibrationWith twenty-seven. But he added that he did not want to insult the future.We can recreate something substantial. But we are, unfortunately, starting from a very, very far distance. Now we need more than good words or promises of love. The proof of love is so much better. ”

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