Bird flu alert France | He ordered the chickens to be stuffed

Bird flu alert France |  He ordered the chickens to be stuffed

France Ordered this Friday Chicken stuffing After the “high” risk increased in their regions in Europe Bird flu By The proliferation of cases in neighboring countries.

This indicates an increased risk level breeders Lock the animals in the chicken coops As the Netherlands has already done, they become infected to prevent contact with migratory birds.

The government is trying to avoid what happened Last winter, when it recorded nearly 500 eruptions, Mainly popular for “foie gras” production in the southwest. More than 3.5 million birds, especially ducks, were exterminated.

The decision, published in the Official Gazette, applies immediately to the fact that “an increase in the dynamics of infection in the corridors of the diaspora justifies raising the level of risk” too high “in French territories in Europe.”

The Ministry of Agriculture justified this decision in a statement highlighting cases registered in Europe in the North Sea and Baltic Sea, as well as three German hatcheries and six cases registered in northeastern Italy.

Even France Three outbreaks of bird flu were recorded, But in private pens, in two northern ports, on the Belgian border, the ministry recalled.

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