Astros is formalizing the arrival of Dusty Baker tomorrow

Astros is formalizing the arrival of Dusty Baker tomorrow

At the end of the World Series, everyone agreed that the Houston roster manager would be brought to town for the rest of the day.

And frankly, it seems to be very official. According to sensational information, a press conference has been arranged again from tomorrow Captain Show a. It remains to be seen what kind of contract he will get.

We know that his goal in both winning and losing the World Series is to return to Houston. The players wanted to see him again. Even the owners.

So it is an easy decision for everyone to make at the end of the season.

Baker made some good playoff decisions and made many fans look for Astros.

So the right decision has been made.

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  • Robinson Canoe in the Winter League.
  • Charlie Blackman lives in Colorado.
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