When will Thomas Basket return to Earth?

When will Thomas Basket return to Earth?

Space – The French astronaut’s second mission to the International Space Station, launched on April 23, lasted six months. A deadline has already passed and, yet, the exact date for his return is not clear. Descriptions

What he likes most about social networks, Thomas Baskett Not showing anything. The French astronaut tells pictures behind the scenes of his six-month journey, posting pictures of French cities taken from space. International Space Station. Last episode to date : Chili harvesting and tasting That they grew up on the ship.

Is he still starting to find out for a long time? It belongs to Thomas Baskett Has already left Earth on April 23, In Crew 2, the American company SpaceX Capsule, in the company of the other three astronauts who came with it (one Japanese and two Americans). So they have already spent more than six months in space.

Should they normally have been with us already? Not necessarily, science mediator Olivier Sangui answers Cité de l’Space in Toulouse. “This return NASA has always given a fork (…) Read more in 20 minutes

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