“The Killer”: But which film will David Fincher film with Michael Fosfender in Paris?

"The Killer": But which film will David Fincher film with Michael Fosfender in Paris?

Cinema – American director Davis Fincher is currently in Paris with actor Michael Fassbender to shoot scenes for “The Killer”. The thriller, which airs on Netflix, is an adaptation of a successful French comic film.

Michael Phosphender wearing pants, down jacket and brown hat, sitting on a bench next to the Rue des Foss-Saint-Jacks in the 5th arrondissement of Paris? Do not dream! In recent days, unusual photos of the German-Irish actor have surfaced on social networks.

If he has the appearance of a perfect tourist, he is the translator of the magnet in history X-Men He works well and truly because he is a star The killer, New film by American director David Fincher. Funny details: The apartment and the heroine of the series are shooting a stone throw from the favorite restaurant Emily in Paris.

Created for Netflix, the film is an adaptation of French comic culture The killer, Written by Alexis Noland, also known as Mats, and illustrated by Luke Jacomon. Central character who started his business at the age of 20 and traveled around the world under his contract and was successful. Interesting uniqueness for cinema: he does not always speak, expressing his mood in long monologues.

Credits include Tilda Swindon

To bring the comic to the screen, David Fincher invited old debut screenwriter Andrew Kevin Walker. Seven, His cult 1996 thriller starring Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman. Published by Coasterman since 2000, The killer Contains 13 volumes. Succeeding is enough to say that both have all the materials needed to start a history in several chapters.

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  • Video – David Fincher’s “Seven”, the dark thriller of the 90s

Apart from Michael Phosphender, Tilda Swindon was the only leading star in the film’s credits, whose Parisian filming ends the weekend, and the team accepted the Los Angeles motion picture as its sequel. Shooting should last until next spring. A release date has not yet been determined.

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