Foreign students are expected to return to Japan and Australia soon

Foreign students are expected to return to Japan and Australia soon

Tokyo and Canberra have decided to relax restrictions, especially for foreign students. Long-awaited announcements that will delight universities and local people.

Japan should remove travel restrictions for students and foreign workers as soon as possible (but not tourists), Report Nikki Asia. In January 2021, Japan actually tightened its entry rules to protect itself from delta variation. Only natives and some foreigners can travel to Japan under very special circumstances (for example, those who are married to Japanese).

“The government should announce these measures this week and is expected to take effect in November,” he said. Tokyo Magazine adds. The decline in the number of cases since last summer and the pressure from universities and the employers’ association Keidanren of companies in Japan largely explain this growth. The length of compulsory isolation for business travelers will be reduced from ten to three days and it is the responsibility of the hosts to locate them. Nikki Asia Explain that,

As of October 1, about 370,000 foreigners could not come to Japan due to very strict restrictions, 70% of whom were coaches and foreign students. Agriculture, forestry and fisheries – affected by labor shortages – and companies that cannot accept foreign students have all called for the reopening of borders.

October 28, Daily Asahi Shimpan The editorial said that the government should go in the same direction and relax the restrictions “It is not only foreign students who receive intellectual stimuli by being in Japan. Their presence may cause many ‘awareness’ among Japanese students and teachers.

In Australia, too, the government has decided to ease the conditions for coming to the country, thereby cutting the grass from the feet of South Australian state officials who wanted to attract foreign students back. They are easy to travel. Canberra has indeed reopened borders for all full vaccinated populations. But authorities in South Australia want to go even further and reduce the period of isolation for foreign travelers from fourteen days to a week, and then eliminate this measure when 90% of the population over the age of 11 is vaccinated. Explains Times Higher Education. “Things are moving faster than we thought. This is great for students who have to go to or return to Australia in early 2022.” Kerin Kent, director of Study Adelaide (a public institution that promotes study in Adelaide), was excited. Times Higher Education.

The first international students are expected to arrive in the country in December.


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