Buster Posey is expected to announce his retirement tomorrow

Buster Posey is expected to announce his retirement tomorrow

Breaking News at Major League Baseball: Buster Posey is about to announce his retirement from Major League Baseball.

According to The Athletic’s journalist Andrew Packerley, the receiver will announce his retirement tomorrow.

He has one year left on his contract as a team option ($ 22 million). The giants did not want to take her, did he know that he chose to leave? Is he at the end of the rope? I do not know.

But was able to feel it coming. The boy has retired from the 2020 season to spend time with his family, and he is known to be injured everywhere.

In the end, he was a giant in the history of giants. He will be on several Hall of Fame newsletters in a few years.

He would have spent his entire life at SF, which is classic. Retreating from the loss to LA should tear his heart out, however …

He said the 2021 season was very special (which adds to the surprise) and is coming to DH National. Was he often afraid that he would be pushed to the first floor or to a successful position, in order to accommodate the young recipients growing up on the team? Who knows.

This is the basis for the rule change in the home plate relationship between runners and recipients. This is a great way to leave your identity.

Will the Giants give him a job on the team? I believe. But in the short term, he will undoubtedly be with his family.

Happy retirement to one of the greatest men in history, and at the age of 34, a boy who gave all he could.

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