A Western country freed from the myth of the white cowboy

A Western country freed from the myth of the white cowboy

Once upon a time in the West there was a train and illegal persons, a bank robbery, some good men and a lot of guns … in short, a real Western but heroes were freed as slaves. A song film with flawless African-American actors, well-conducted in JZ music.

We often overlook it: by the end of the 19th century almost a quarter of the cowboys were black, most of them from slavery … Hollywood has always kept these unwanted people far from the Colts and other Winchesters, no doubt. Very attractive in the hands of pale faces … This is one of the first qualifications of James Samuel’s film: by taking the opposite view of cinema for more than a century and creating all the wonderful African-American actors, it re – establishes a legend. Until then only from Billy the Kid, Pat Garrett and Jesse James.

Who has not heard of Not Love, Boss Reeves or Stagecoach Mary? Know the story. Basically he was like that once again In the west, with a razor for the harmonica. In the combination of revenge and survival, the musicality of the scenes is presented rather than heroism. Here, John Wayne is no joke, we are in the Far West where Lyon loves: the “good” are vaguely less cowardly than the bad. However, James Samuel does not follow and he knows how to survive with time: he prefers neo-baroque interiors (found in Boss Luhrmann) to the drought of the project, to the nagging screams of modern and modern compiled Morricone. Punch developed by co-producer J-Z.

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