7 scenes never seen before in a movie auctioned by NFT

7 scenes never seen before in a movie auctioned by NFT

Quentin Tarantino has announced 7 exclusive shots from his classic Pulp Fiction Bidding in NFT format …

Virtual objects born of blockchain technology (such as cryptocurrency) that distinguish them from each other with a unique identifier and allow them to be associated with jobs, NFTs are a business that attracts many circles. If we talk about music in particular, a song is released Pupa Baptized TN from this, 7th Art is not insensitive to the interest of this new technology. In fact, Quentin Tarantino announced that it was his film Pulp Fiction I was about to enter the dance: thus, 7 scenes not seen in the movie will be auctioned off as NFT. That”Soundless token”The film will include other surprises as they will allow buyers to benefit from the film’s 1st handwritten scenes, classic scenes of the genre and exclusive personalized commentary by the famous Hollywood director.

Quentin Tarantino

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An iconic image

I am very happy to present these exclusive scenes of the film Pulp Fiction For fans”, Said Tarantino. The auction will take place on NFT OpenSea’s special site. “There is content in every NFT auction ‘The secret” Only the owner of the NFT can see”, Informs us of the announcement. This sale, which has not yet been released, will no doubt bring the biggest jackpot. Pulp Fiction An iconic image. Published in 1994, this masterpiece won 23 awards out of 48 nominations. This movie is a tribute to Blocksbloitation, in which we find John Travolta. Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis or Uma Thurman The American Film Institute ranked it as the 94th best American film in cinema history. In the year of release, it grossed $ 214,179,088 worldwide. An image of many, allowing us to understand how great and memorable this cinematographic work is about its time …

Pulp Fiction – Trailer (original version):

Pulp Fiction – Trailer (VOST):

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