Ukraine begins to accuse each other of buying energy in Belarus: State Economy: Economy:

Ukraine begins to accuse each other of buying energy in Belarus: State Economy: Economy:

DTEK Enerko, Ukraine’s largest private energy company, has apologized after accusing state-owned NEC Ukrenergo of starting to buy electricity in Belarus. Related news Published On the company’s website.

After learning that Kiev and Minsk, the parties began to blame each other Agreed Providing capacity of 500 MW under Emergency Assistance Agreement. Long-term contracts are not in question.

Ukrenerko believes that private traders are responsible for upsetting the balance of the energy system. However, DTEK Energo opposes the report, saying for the past three months their companies have been working beyond the state-owned thermal power plants and thermal power plants’ off-duty compensation scheme.

The company artificially considers the crisis in state production, but insists that electrical engineers and miners are trying to ease it. Thus, DTEK provided 300 thousand tons of coal to the country and provided free support to state-owned thermal power plants. In the future, four more coal cargoes from the United States will arrive in the Republic.

DTEK Energo’s message indicates that the pressure is related to its policy stance on not allowing the import of electricity from Russia and Belarus. “This is an attempt to shift the responsibility for the country’s failed energy policy from government officials to electrical engineers and miners,” the company concluded.

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In Ukraine at the end of October Announced About the severe coal shortage. As of October 25, warehouses had 4.7 times less fuel than planned.

In this context, the National Authority (NEURCU) Did not The ban on purchasing electricity from countries that are not members of the energy community has been extended until November. In fact, the decision involved Russia and Belarus.

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