The Land of the Olives: Igovos Invaded Vretagos and Twitter A … Feast (Video)

The Land of the Olives: Igovos Invaded Vretagos and Twitter A ... Feast (Video)

Strong explanations and developments that will catch your breath in today’s episode Olive land (2-11)

The Twitter Went crazy after the shocking scene we saw in today’s episode Olive land (2-11).

The Igovos Vretagos, One of the family’s siblings invaded the series and is expected to bring the plot upside down. He himself comes to overthrow everything around the issue of the will of his brother Hippocrates Vretagos, who ends up in Myrtle. Everything seems to be changing.

Watch the video below with the shocking scene:

Igovos Vretagos, many years later, appeared at the missing bell in Spain and decided to meet Licorice, who had been best friends in the past. It was their discussion that motivated them Storm of reactions And Twitter really caught fire, after the shocking scene they saw.

See related tweets below:

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