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Since this terrible epidemic has spread to the city, many things have become very difficult to do. Stretching your tongue at supermarkets is hard to do with a mask. Licking objects can be a little more annoying than usual. And kissing? The worst thing you can do when there is a deadly disease is to kiss.

Yes. Look at all these boys kissing

We have video games like Cupid Parasite in which you can kiss each other to the contents of your heart without risking anyone’s health and safety! The Romantic Comedy Odom – a dating game aimed primarily at women – is now out in North America, with a November 5 release date in Europe.

Cam Lynette, about a matchmaker, who is secretly Cupid, finds himself trapped in his own love while trying to set others up. There are five “hopeless” men to choose from, and they are obviously the biggest challenge for her because they are all the worst in love.

There is also a limited edition, priced at £ 82.00 / $ 94.99 and comes complete with steel case, art book, key chains, soundtrack and collectible card; A physics ‘Day One’ version, priced at £ 54.98 and with 6 collectible cards, stickers and a poster; And the standard version for $ 49.99, which is just a physical game and collection card.

A link will be available “in about 4 weeks” to resolve conversation, grammar and text overflow issues.

Are you going to catch the Cupid parasite? Let us know in the comments!

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