How to calculate speed and temperature change and perform integrated analysis without getting bogged down |  Education

How to calculate speed and temperature change and perform integrated analysis without getting bogged down | Education

Mathematical and physical calculations may seem simple at first glance, in fact, Can hide pranks that lead to mistakes, Such as forgetting to change units of measurement or using the straight three rule.

Oh g1 Talk to the teachers in these areas and who gave Three examples He explained that this usually appears frequently in tests (calculation of average velocity; integrated analysis; and temperature change) and that the student may be confused when using a formula.

1 – Speed ​​calculation

To determine the velocity stability of a path, one must first know whether the calculation should be done in km / h or m / s. Without this information, you may fall into a trap and get the wrong result.

Once you know this, you can use the formula VM = s / t

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Professors Fernando Santo and Antonio Alexandre Silva explain how to find and respond to the right decision: In this case, will memorization help or hinder? Check it out here.

2 – Joint analysis

Calculating how many password possibilities can be used on a cell phone, for example, can be confusing, but not impossible, thanks to integrated analysis. Before doing the calculation, it is necessary to answer two questions:

  • Can the numbers be repeated? (Example: Can 4 be used more than once in this password?)
  • Does the order of the numbers matter? (Example: Should the first digit of the password be 4?)
  • Yes to both questions: This is a complete arrangement
  • Not for the first, but for the second: This is a simple arrangement
  • Not for two questions: This is a simple combination

From there, you can figure out which of the formulas below should be used.

Understand how each calculation is done Find out how many password possibilities there are.

3 – Temperature change

To someone with some mathematical knowledge, the three rules may seem like a magical formula. Want to calculate the percentage? Use the rule of three. Want to find unknown value? Use the rule of three. And can the formula, for example, be used to change the temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit?

The teachers asked g1 No – at least not immediately – because, first, they explain the need to use Thales’ theorem.

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