Fishing: Negotiations between Paris and London intensify, meeting in Brussels on Friday

Fishing: Negotiations between Paris and London intensify, meeting in Brussels on Friday

“Revenge measures” await … A meeting of the European Commission is to be held in Brussels on Friday to find a solution. To the controversy between Paris and London. Reluctant to issue fishing licenses under the Second Brexit Treaty, preventing French fishermen from fishing in British waters.

Should have come into force Tuesday midnight revenge actions, France Suspended them from negotiating again, COP26 sideways. “My colleague Clement Peon (Secretary of State for European Affairs) Meets Mr. Frost (UK Foreign Secretary for BrexitIn this regard, there will be another meeting of the European Commission on Friday in Paris tomorrow (Thursday), ”government spokesman Gabriel Attal said at the conclusion of the Cabinet meeting on Wednesday.

Leaders on both sides of the channel since Monday have adopted a more harmonious tone. According to Elysee, Paris expects a response to its latest plans this Wednesday. However, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Tuesday that the British position on the conflict remained the same. “You ask if the UK has changed its position on the issue of fisheries. The answer is no, ”the conservative leader was questioned by a journalist during a press conference on COP 26.

First meeting on Thursday

To postpone the talks, France postponed its decision to retaliate against the United Kingdom with “at least Thursday,” and a meeting was scheduled in Paris between David Frost and Clement Peon. “The Franco-British dialogue is intensifying this week,” the foreign secretary for European affairs posted on Twitter on Wednesday.

Under the Brexit agreement, European fishermen could continue to work in certain British waters if they proved they had previously fished there. But French and British Argue about the nature and quantity of supporting documents to be provided.

In the middle Any retaliatory measures were announced, Especially if London does not grant more licenses to French fishermen, the French plan to ban British fishing vessels from unloading their cargo in French ports and to strengthen control over boats and trucks.

A quarter of the French catches (about 20% of the value) come from British waters, which are very rich in fish and account for 650 million euros in annual sales of European fishermen.

This fishing issue is worsening relations between Paris and London, already damaged Torpedoing of the Franco-Australian Accord Submarines in support of a defense agreement between Great Britain, the United States and Australia.

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