Community. Theory Henry continues his commitment against online harassment

Community.  Theory Henry continues his commitment against online harassment

This is the new hobby of former Arsenal player and French team Theory Henry: the fight against cyberbullying. “We need the help of those in high places (…) to unite to ensure that these people, for example, pass a law, and make these sites more accountable for what is happening there,” said one ex. Striker in Lisbon on Tuesday.

The 1998 world champion announced his partnership with his Puma brand and Game of Ever Lives Foundation during an internet summit in the Portuguese capital on Tuesday, the annual high point of the digital economy and new technologies.

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“They’re not really trying to change anything.”

Thierry Henry explained that he did not realize its scarcity and was not ready to return to it because he had disabled his social media accounts last March. “They didn’t do enough. They weren’t really trying to change anything,” the 44-year-old former striker, now Belgium’s assistant coach, told a news conference.

Sites should be our partners to conduct the basic discussion.

Adam Patrick, Puma Marketing Director

The web summit opened on Monday evening, with the much-anticipated intervention of whistleblower and former Facebook employee Francis Hougan, who accused the US company of putting profits above the well-being of its users.

One weekend in late April, many athletes and clubs launched a campaign to boycott social networking sites, especially English, against online abuse, including racism. Adam Patrick, Puma Marketing Director, along with Thierry Henry on the main stage of the Web Summit, however, explained that he did not consider this kind of action. “Platforms need to be our partners to hold a substantial discussion aimed at concrete actions. Some of them are making progress, (…) but not enough,” he explained.

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