After the attack on Jordan, Scotty Pippon screwed up!

In a somewhat less vocal tone in recent weeks, Scotty Pippon has been making a comeback in the news with the upcoming release of his book and the fights against Michael Jordan in it. An NBA researcher did not fail to withdraw it drastically after releasing some bad juices.

Nothing really goes in between Michael Jordan And Scotty Pippon. Instead of being considered the best friends in the world during the years they joined the Bulls Jersey, they did not show a loving relationship when they retired. However, tensions between the two have never been clear since their release The last dance.

Last season, which focused more on MJ than the Bulls dynasty or was stopped by the title of the franchise, the documentary made Pippa even more annoying. The latter quickly shared his dissatisfaction with the press, and continued it a year and a half after the show aired. His new book, Insecure, Thus contains Many violent criticisms of his Ernes.

Skip Palace defends Jordan against Bipon

In his work, Scotty describes the reasons for his frustration with the Netflix production and his reasons for his hatred of Jordan. He took the opportunity to discuss the GOAT debate. He indirectly compared his former leader to LeBron James. It was too much for Skip Palace, who rushed to defend Mike against the attacks of his former star teammates.

Scotty Pippon has to thank his lucky star every night. Without Michael Jordan, Pippon would have been another good player that no one really cares about. He is still enjoying Jordan’s success.

Undoubtedly not very objective, the renowned analyst of FOX Sports however is not entirely wrong. It is no coincidence that a few days before the release of the popular book, these precise juices were aired in magazines. By openly attacking the final basketball myth, Pippon ensures that his book is talked about. A choice that can be understood in terms of marketing, but its ethical aspect can be discussed.

Skip Palace does not appreciate Scotty Pippin’s continued allegations against Michael Jordan, and reveals it. The new official lieutenant of No. 23 is indeed a journalist!

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