The hypocrisy of the upper castes!  They flew private jets to a meeting about reducing CO2 emissions

The hypocrisy of the upper castes! They flew private jets to a meeting about reducing CO2 emissions

Biden in the suite of criticism. But he is not alone …

Air travel has long raised the reluctance of supporters of the fight against global warming. This is due to the enormous amount of CO2 emitted by passenger aircraft engines. For obvious reasons, most world leaders fly to Glasgow on official flights. President Joe Biden, who made the fight against global warming one of his main demands, flew there on a modified Boeing 747 Air Force One ship, a similar machine that carried members of his delegation.

Earlier, during the G20 summit he was touring Rome with 85 cars, most of which came under criticism from the US leader when it was revealed that they were powered by large V8 engines. In addition, he is accompanied by two heavy C-5 Galaxy transport jets and a Marine One helicopter.

The government plane flying to Glasgow is not the only Air Force One. Records show that Canadian Air Force VIP, French Line 001, German Conrad Adinayer, Australian Shark One or Israeli Zion Wing and several government aircraft flew there. According to world leaders, only for security reasons – many businessmen, corporate bosses, activists and many others – flew to the summit in private, although they could use regular flights.

Mad Finch of Transport and Environment explained Traveling on private jets is one of the most climate-damaging modes of travel. He stressed that such a machine emits about 2 tons of CO2 per hour of flight. Finch stressed that the so-called carbon dioxide of the average western resident is 8 tons per year. A long private jet emits more CO2 into the atmosphere than a few ordinary people emit in a year.

– Private jets are very valuable, but it is difficult to avoid being accused of hypocrisy when using one that claims to combat global warming.

– He insisted.

COP26, i.e. airport transport

MailOnline disclosed citing British air traffic control sources A total of about 400 private jets will fly to COP26. On Sunday alone, his reporters noticed at least 52 private jets landing at Glasgow Airport. It was one of the many airports where they landed. As the crowd on it was high, some engines unloaded the passengers and immediately took the plane to other airports as there was no room in the domain. Others landed in Edinburgh or even London. Boris Johnson, the official Airbus A321 he flew from Rome, circled the airport 20 minutes before he landed due to overcrowding.

One of those who arrived in Glasgow on a non-cruise plane was Prince Charles, an ardent supporter of the fight against global warming and the heir to the British throne. According to reporters, the machine, which flew from Rome, was registered by the British Ministry of Defense. A spokesman for his official home, Clarence House, told reporters that Prabhu had personally campaigned for the use of biofuels in aircraft, which, along with the production process, released less greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and decided to travel by air only. Fuel-filled position on his plane. A similar explanation was given by representatives of the Bank of America, which is known for promoting the fight against global warming, belonging to two aircraft that flew to Glasgow.

Another prominent supporter of the fight against global warming, billionaire Jeff Bezos, flew to Glasgow on a private jet. Earlier, he attended Bill Gates’ 66th birthday party. The event took place on a super shuttle owned by the founder of Microsoft that emits 19 tons of carbon dioxide a day.. Bezos and the party attendees boarded helicopters, many of whom had previously traveled to Turkey on private jets or in their boats.

The Daily Mail could not find out who was on board as many private jets carried records of their rental companies. In most cases, trips from places like Brussels, Stockholm, London or Paris can be made easier on scheduled flights carrying an incomparably large number of passengers, thus emitting significantly less greenhouse gases per passenger. According to their estimates, 400 private planes flying over COP26 will emit 13,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere – the same amount as 1,600 British emissions throughout the year.

Trapped in hypocrisy

The hypocrisy of the emission-fighting elite has been criticized from various angles, with environmental groups such as Extinction Rebelion claiming to have blocked a private jet airport in protest. Instead of releasing such a huge amount of CO2, many ask why COP26 is not organized in a virtual form like many political meetings during epidemics. However, Foreign Secretary Lis Truss told the BBC that it depends on the format of the meeting. “I think they will be very useful in some cases for anyone who has hosted the Zoom Conference so far, but if you want to engage in important negotiations, if you want to meet someone and talk face to face, you have to meet face to face. And this is very important,” he said.

This is not the first time that the biggest supporters of the fight against global warming have been clever in hypocrisy. Most often, a private jet is used, for example, once every two years “climate car” John Kerry, he even flew in April to collect … an award for fighting global warming. In the middle of the year, the meeting of millionaires, corporate bosses and influential journalists in Sun Valley was also a resounding success. Most of them support the fight against the climate without looking at the cost to the economy and the general population, but they flew with many private jets for this meeting, thus having to stop scheduled flights across the U.S. West Coast.

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